I’m bringing on a new UX (User Experience) person on my team, and that triggered a search through my archives of drawings and documents.  That’s when I tripped across these “customer journey maps” I developed two years ago for (now defunct) NRG Home Solar. As simple as they are, I’m rather proud of them, and they were actually inspirational enough for an outside consulting firm to use them as the basis for their “persona-based” site design for our new website (which alas, never launched).Read More →

I have been working with marketing technology for the past 5 years. There’s a dizzying array of technologies,  plenty of overlap, and a lot of vague and confusing terminology.  To navigate and create a road map for the future at my work, I’ve created a simple visualization to depict these technologies. I started with a simple marketing funnel, but after I arranged everything and stepped back from my diagram, I realized it looked like a snow cone 🙂  If I had better drawing skills this would be a 3D cone, rotating so you could see delivery on one side and measurement on another, but alas, I amRead More →