Agoric Source, LLC is a Houston-based boutique software development firm.  We are somewhat on hiatus, as the principal, Kevin Lacobie, is exploring a career in the corporate world.

Agoric Source was created in 2002, and is the 3rd firm co-founded by Kevin Lacobie, the first being Agoric Enterprises, Inc., 1993, in Fairfax, Virginia, and Agorics, Inc., 1995, in Los Altos, California.  Kevin Lacobie has 30+ years experience in the software and IT industry, and with an advanced degree in Economics (MA, George Mason, 1991), brings a unique perspective to the software engineering discipline.

Coders like to code, code, code; software designers like to design elegantly and cleanly; software engineers like to weigh the broader economic tradeoffs between different technical solutions and their use in practical business environments. Software engineering explores tradeoffs between current code and future, maintainable code, and between automation and human processes.  This blog will share insights about all these issues, from Kevin’s perspective of theory and much industry experience.